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    Ambitious brands looking to improve their website and ranking to meet growth and ensure customers have a positive experience, every time.


    Who are we?

    An award-winning agency who specialise in creating highly-customised, user-centric websites.


    What does a Rock Agency website audit cover?

    Site Speed Analysis

    How long it takes the various parts of your website to load. It’s recommended a website takes less than 2 seconds to load as the probability of bounce increases by 32% as the page-load-time goes from 1 to 3 seconds. There’s lots of reasons for extended load time: large files, lack of compression, third party requests, caching. We examine and recommend the most effective way to ensure your website loads quickly.


    Site Structure Checkup

    How your website is built: how the code is structured, the processing order of things, the way your images and videos are dealt with etc. Things like lengthy, long-form code and long chains of requests can impact user experience. We identify structural weaknesses and what can be done to improve them.



    How easy is your website to use? Can you see the navigation against the background? Do the menu items flow and make sense? Do images have alt attributes? Ensuring users find it easy to access your site and its information is key to its success.


    SEO Performance

    We look into your site’s SEO and overall domain authority. We assess your site’s keyword coverage – the keywords used and their search value compared to those of your competitors. We also check backlinks – how many there are, where they’re from, and identify any harmful links. Finally, we assess content elements such as meta descriptions and alt attributes to see where you could make quick yet effective improvement.


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