June 24, 2021
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The Benefits Of Working with a Small(er) Agency

Most companies and ideas, big and small, will need help to put themselves out into the world in a meaningful way. With so much noise going on in the digital realm it takes professional skill to be seen and heard above it all.

There’s many digital and creative agencies out there, how do you choose which one to work with? Does it even matter?

Here’s why choosing a small(er) boutique agency can have the biggest benefits for your business.

A true partnership

Never underestimate the importance of who you choose to help you reach
your audience.

A small(er) agency can offer more individualised attention and support – and in doing so will become an extension of your business, a true partner who’s as invested in your success as you are.

Boutique agencies cannot and do not take a client for granted. The stakes are higher and they’ll push for success, every time.

In turn, you’ll find boutique agencies have strong internal cultures that allow innovation and creativity to thrive. And, rather than getting caught in a sausage machine of time-honoured processes, a smaller team has the agility to approach your company’s challenges uniquely.

Boutique agencies cannot and do not take a client for granted. The stakes are higher and they’ll push for success, every time.

Save money & time

Boutique agencies have smaller teams, therefore less overheads – they can be more competitive on price for the same service.

Smaller agencies take on fewer projects meaning more focus, less juggle. There’s also the advantage of cutting out the middle-people and processes – you’ll find that the people you meet in the pitch will be the people that are directly working on your project. That relationship – or partnership – starts on day one and
carries through.


Quick to pivot

Technology and the online environment is changing at an unprecedented rate. A smaller agency team can pivot quickly to implement that new idea, that new piece of software, that creative solution to
a problem.

This benefit became acutely clear with Covid-19 as businesses across industries scrambled to implement a game plan that would see them through.

In these situations, companies need a level of individualised and rigorous support – something that a larger agency with hundreds of clients would struggle to deliver. This is when that true sense of being in a partnership comes into play; where innovative problem-solving combined with a quick response time means make, over break.


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