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Digital & Print Design

When Rock Agency crafts collateral to represent and support your brand, we do it with longevity front-of-mind. Every campaign and piece needs to chip-away at achieving your big-picture objective. We work from the inside-out, with an engineering mindset, so that every idea is scaffolded for strength, and contributes to a cohesive brand story.

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No hollow ideas

The best marketing collateral combines substance with style. At Rock, we interrogate every idea for substance: it has to come from somewhere, and lead to somewhere; it has to express an objective in a way that’s purposeful to the end-user; it has to be a tangible solution to a problem. A clever idea is just that, unless it can prove its worth to your business.

Branding as artform

There’s never a simple answer to the question: What does your company stand for? But, no matter how complex, we’ll find a way to distill it into an impactful message that retains all the layers and flavours of your brand’s personality. New brands, updates and refreshes, or expansions – Rock’s team finds creative ways for brands to speak to people.

Digital asset creation

To design impactful digital assets you need a thorough understanding of how websites, advertisements and social posts are engaged with online. Our team have researched best practices for digital assets and have a hosy of accreditations from Google, Wordpress and Facebook that recognise our expertise.

Signage & decals

Grab your audience’s attention and direct them to an action. Our designers understand how to use signage to drive people to action by using eye-grabbing visuals and a logical flow of information.

'Method have loved working with Rock, they produced a fantastic result for our marketing collateral and website.'

Joanne Shields

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