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Brand, Print & Digital Design

When Rock Agency crafts collateral to represent and support your brand, we do it with longevity front of mind. Every campaign and piece needs to chip away at achieving your big-picture objective. We work from the inside out, with an engineering mindset, so that every idea is scaffolded for strength, and contributes to a cohesive brand story.
We find impactful and inventive ways for brands and businesses to speak to people.
No hollow ideas
The best marketing collateral combines substance with style. At Rock, we interrogate every idea for substance: it has to come from somewhere, and lead to somewhere; it has to express an objective in a way that’s purposeful to the end-user; it has to be a tangible solution to a problem. A clever idea is just that, unless it can prove its worth to your business.
Branding as artform
There’s never a simple answer to the question: What does your company stand for? But, no matter how complex, we’ll find a way to distill it into an impactful message that retains all the layers and flavours of your brand’s personality. New brands, updates and refreshes, or expansions – Rock’s team finds creative ways for brands to speak to people.
Digital asset creation
To design impactful digital assets you need a thorough understanding of how websites, advertisements and social posts are engaged with online. Our team have researched best practices for digital assets and have a host of accreditations from Google, Wordpress and Facebook that recognise our expertise.
Signage & decals
Grab your audience’s attention and direct them to an action. Our designers understand how to use signage to drive people to action by using eye-grabbing visuals and a logical flow of information.
Premier’s Active April Hamish & Andy SÜK Workwear

Free website & marketing audit

Our team is experienced, but that doesn’t make us rigid – we continue to feed new tech knowledge into our collective skill-set so that we have the tools to deliver on big ideas. Let us know if you’re interested and get your free website & marketing audit today!


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