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This website was designed and built to provide their customers with a shopping experience that reflects the quality and luxury of their brand and products, Cacao needed a site that combined beautiful visuals, a cohesive tone of voice and exceptional functionality. Operational simplicity was also imperative for Cacao to manage ongoing updates to the site without compromising integrity. The Cacao website and shopping experience was designed as a sensory journey that brings the customer as close to the quality of Cacao’s products as possible. Luxury is reflected not only through the site’s beautiful imagery, design, and tone of voice, but in its user-friendly elements that make it pleasurable to browse, and simple to navigate and purchase. To manage Cacao’s individual chocolate and macaron selector functionality, we created a ‘product-within-a-product’ that’s connected to Cacao’s inventory system – it’s made a significant difference to Cacao as a business, saving them from manual data input, increasing time-efficiency and revenue.

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