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We are a team of strategists, designers, developers, negotiators and collaborators. We believe the diversity of our technical skills, backgrounds and styles combine to deliver a superior outcome.

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Rock-WhoAreWe-Cam-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-Cam-02
  • Cam Lee

  • Founder, Managing Director & Creative Director
Rock-WhoAreWe-Britta-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-Britta-02
  • Britta Henkel

  • Digital Account Director
  • Jo Bayliss

  • Production and Traffic Manager
Rock-WhoAreWe-Mark-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-Mark-02
  • Mark Cameron

  • Senior Designer
Rock-WhoAreWe-Erna-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-Erna-02
  • Erna Hondo

  • Senior Account Manager
  • Martha Baillieu

  • Project Manager
  • Korina Kontogeorgos

  • Account Executive
Rock-WhoAreWe-Jay-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-Jay-02
  • Jaydev Vala

  • Senior Full Stack Developer
Rock-WhoAreWe-Dana-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-Dana-02
  • Dana Miltins

  • Senior Copywriter
Rock-WhoAreWe-James-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-James-02
  • James Smoley

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
Rock-WhoAreWe-Anna-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-Anna-02
  • Anna Harris

  • UX / UI Designer
Rock-WhoAreWe-Nick-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-Nick-02
  • Nick Manton

  • Graphic Designer
Rock-WhoAreWe-Dipali-01 Rock-WhoAreWe-Dipali-02
  • Dipali Vala

  • Front End Developer (WordPress)
  • Debendra Maharjan

  • Front End Developer (Wordpress Specialist)
  • Naeim Haghighi

  • Front End Developer (eCommerce Specialist)
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We are always on the lookout for talent to join our team and add a new flavour to the agency. Reach out to work@rockagency.com.au with a little information about yourself and we will get in touch with you.

Our core values

Innovation, Integrity and Energy are the values we live by, that’ve been collectively defined by our team.

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