Our copywriters are highly-experienced, in-house, and passionate about making you sound as good as you look.

Why we provide copywriting as a service

Unlike most digital agencies, we employ an in-house and experienced copywriter because we believe brands do themselves a disservice when they focus on the visual but neglect how they sound. Whether it’s developing tone-of-voice guidelines for a new brand or marketing strategy; writing website copy that’s evocative and audience-relevant; or optimising SEO through thoughtful keyword inclusion; the details make all the difference in elevating one brand from the next.

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With the rise of AI, does my brand need a copywriter?

Brevity is everything in the digital world. When a million other sites are vying for attention, you need to make your point and make it fast. And ideally, you want to make it creatively – in a way that feels authentic to your brand, and your brand alone. Now, while AI content generators may be able to churn out copy at a rate of knots, it’s typically lengthy, repetitive and inauthentic; more likely to undermine than anything else. A professional copywriter, in contrast, uses their creativity to ‘play’ with words and make meaning in interesting and original ways.

Sometimes it means knowingly breaking the rules of grammar and spelling to capture something human and emotional; sometimes it’s the ability to articulate a targeted tone-of-voice. Skilled copywriters give brands an edge, providing ways to speak to people with a real sense of person… ality.

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Rock Agency’s copywriting services include:

Website copywriting

From scratch, or a rework of existing copy to articulate brand personality and align it to the target audience.

SEO copywriting

Boost your Google ranking through thoughtful keyword inclusion. Seamlessly aligned with tone-of-voice, no clunks guaranteed.

Creative campaigns

Top-level creative ideation for digital ad campaigns. Unite visual design with strong, clear messaging.

Creative branding

Contributing to early-stage brand development and workshopping. Crafting positioning statements and taglines.

Tone of voice

Delivering distinctive, highly-researched tone-of-voice guidelines that can be understood and applied, even by non-writers.

Collateral copy

Make your investment count with words that are slick, professional and on-brand: eDMs, banners, blog posts, scriptwriting, editorial articles, radio ads, and more.

Rock Agency has been instrumental in creating multiple websites and digital content, helping us build a brand that stands out in the digital space. The team is always on hand to help with anything from copywriting, graphics, social needs and even down to just general E-Com’s help (things we probably should know). Rock really looks to push boundaries and is constantly letting us know about the latest trends, technology and fads in the digital space to make sure we are across anything that could better our brand in our market.

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