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Thoughtful User Interface design that delights long past first impression. Our focus on quality and longevity is evident in our attention to detail.

What is User Interface (UI) design?

If we take the human body as an analogy, then User Experience (UX) design is the skeleton, and User Interface design, the skin – it’s the part you see. At Rock Agency, we believe great User Interface design has two key jobs: It has to be distinctive to stand out in a noisy digital world. And, it needs to honour a brand, distilling its ‘personality’ into something an audience will understand at a glance, then feel compelled to engage with.

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At Rock Agency, we do User Interface design a little differently

Where larger agencies progress projects through siloed disciplines – development as an afterthought to design – our team collaborates to extend the boundaries of how creative and tech can intersect. At a time of rapid digital transformation, we believe this is how we can be truly innovative for forward-thinking brands. Our UI designers create distinctive brands and websites by considering how tech might enhance from the outset; and they do it with the support of our development team – one of the most highly-regarded in Melbourne.

In honouring a brand, clarity is key. A style over substance design might wow at first impression but won’t stand the test of time. Our skilled UI designers take a detailed approach to gain ‘big-picture’ outcomes. Image treatment, button styles, typography, visual identity – it all has to tie in to create a cohesive, memorable, and lasting website experience.

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This is how we do User Interface Design


Market research

Analysing competitors and the industry; and UI and animation trends – the latest that’s turning heads in the web space.


Concept development

Typically, we design two on-brand directions to provide you with a choice for the overall style of your website.


Concept enhancement

Working closely with you, we think of ways to elevate, while working to brand guidelines. Animation and multi-media options are explored to make content jump off the page.



Colour compliance checks; fonts and images optimised; testing on a range of device sizes to ensure content resizes well and is readable.



We design and link pages in Figma – a collaborative online design tool giving you the ability to see the site and how it will work.



Using Figma, we iterate with you until the details are correct, the design flourishes delight, and the copy rings true.

Rock Agency’s team is very professional. The website they’ve built for our company is functional, sleek, and on-brand. They also have a great process to help non-technical people understand what is going on at every stage. Their use of collaborative tools also keeps everyone on the same page about the website design and functionality. Highly recommend.

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