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Organic Social

Melbourne-based full-service social media marketing, with know-how across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and more.

Meticulous strategy + scroll-stopping content

When we say full-service social media marketing, here’s what we mean: Our team can set up your social accounts, and create a detailed, data-driven strategy that narrows in on your target audience while aligning with your business objectives. We’ll execute with purposeful design and copy, making strategic decisions on placement and timing; and then follow through with detailed reporting so you can join the dots between spend and return.

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We help brands find their people

Social media is where brands have a powerful opportunity to be in direct contact with their community. If done well, not only will that community grow, but they’ll become brand loyalists. At Rock Agency we use organic socials to help brands make and maintain a genuine connection with their community. We play a long game of consistently communicating a brand’s story and values creatively and authentically; every post chipping-away at the bigger-picture.

A defining agency feature is our love of tech, and in the context of social communication we keep up with platform innovations, and understand the possibilities emerging platforms hold – particularly for some brands. Our creative is as innovative and diverse as our collective skillset, and includes video production. So, with everything done in-house, we can be fast and efficient without ever compromising quality.

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