Rock Agency helps businesses of all sizes move up the Google ranks with our tailored Search Engine Optimisation solutions.

Increase website traffic, build brand visibility

Rock Agency’s digital marketing team offer end-to-end SEO services. Deep analysis forms strategy, which is implemented holistically and methodically. As a full-service digital agency, we have the advantage of having an in-house and highly-skilled development team and copywriter, able to realise SEO strategy in a way that’s entirely integrated into a website’s code and creative. Our SEO work feels seamless and never like an afterthought.

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A strategic and creative SEO agency committed to the long game

We know there’s lots of SEO agencies out there who can deliver great results, the same as we’re able to. So, why choose us? Well, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint – meaningful SEO results take time and deep methodical work. It’s about quality over quantity; and a holistic approach that marries on-page and off-page strategy. It’s not just that we have the professional skills and experience to deliver brilliant SEO results; it’s that we’re renowned for our high level of service and passion for what we do. That’s what makes us the perfect partner for a long game. We work to become an extension of your team. We bring relentlessness, enthusiasm, honesty, fun, deep listening, and a love for open collaboration.

Holistic SEO that addresses on-page and off-page elements

On-page SEO looks at what your website is about – its content, plus the quality of the site structure and code; and performance factors like speed and security.


We’ll ensure your website content includes relevant keywords, is useful and accessible, and is enigmatic yet uncomplicated.

Website performance

We’ll optimise your site’s architecture for speed, security, and mobile friendliness; and implement best-practise URL structure.


Our website development team are the masters of ‘clean’ code – the kind of code Google loves and prioritises.

Off-page SEO measures external factors to determine how authoritative and popular your site is.

Domain authority

We help brands assess and address the factors that influence the reputation and trustworthiness of their website.


We’ll increase both the number and the quality of backlinks to your website to optimise SEO ranking.

User experience

Google prioritises websites that offer a positive user experience. We ensure search queries align with your website’s intent.

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