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We push the boundaries of digital design, but never at the expense of an intuitive and efficient user experience.

What is User Experience (UX) design?

Design has moved on from thinking aesthetics is all that matters to audiences – it’s also about how people use your product. If a website’s beautiful yet takes forever to load; if customers get lost and confused in a site that’s hard to navigate, then you can lose your audience. UX design argues – and so do we – that user experience be the determining factor for how a website or product is delivered.

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Every dollar spent on UX brings between $2 and $100 dollars in return*

UX Design is a research-based practice that’s emerged as a way to eliminate assumptions. It gives businesses the confidence to know that money spent will deliver the results they seek.

At Rock Agency, UX-based research and design forms the foundation of how we create websites and web apps. Our highly skilled UX designers take the time to understand both your business goals and your audience’s needs; then we work to align them. The result becomes a highly-considered digital product – one that’s engaging, seamless and intuitive for your audience.

On the business side, a thorough UX design process protects your investment – it increases acquisition, builds loyalty, allows for scalability, provides longevity, and increases revenue.


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This is how we do User Experience design


UX research

Define business and user goals, customer and competitor analysis, current site audit, audience surveys.


User journey

Analyse audience data to establish journeys based on the needs and requirements of each audience/user type.


Site map

Extract SEO and marketing data to optimise site re/structure; and ensure structure supports customer priorities.



A visual ‘laying-out’ of the site to ensure all content is included; and gain insight into copy and imagery requirements.



Linking wireframe pages together to understand user journeys, and ensure a seamless flow.


User testing

Internal and audience testing. Ensuring user journeys through the site’s architecture are correct and optimised.

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