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Rock founder and director Cam Lee shares design trends for 2023

1. Powerful use of colour

Expect to see increasingly impactful colour combinations across branding and graphic design.

To enhance visibility, especially in digital advertising, using vibrant colour and colour combinations will be one of the ways brands create scroll-stopping impact. Colour clashes, too, speak volumes for brands looking to express a bold, modern image.

Dom Romeu by Nayla Alana

2. Animated logos

The shift to video-based content has changed traditional static branding – forever. Expect to see more animation in general; which includes more animated logos in 2023.

The Google logo’s a great example, morphing between a microphone, a four-colour ‘G’ , a line of ‘listening’ dots, and the recogniseable Google name. It’s an example of animation representing the search engine’s services both stylishly and speedily.


Image courtesy of Google

3. Statement Typography 

A perfect way to give more weight to your words.

The past fascination with minimal sans-serif typography is now making way for statement typography. Designers are creating a point-of-difference by embracing wild and wacky fonts.

Design by Aaron Nieh Workshop

Courtesy of Big Type

4. The human touch

In 2022, we saw lots of brands choose to embrace a more handcrafted, ‘human’ identity. The look communicates a friendly unpretentiousness, with products crafted by human hands and motivated by passion. There’ll be more of this in store for 2023.

Designed by Caserne

5. Maximalism

Excessive graphic elements, high saturation and no empty space are the hallmarks of maximalist design. Think opposing patterns or crazy pop-art styles that will catch an audience off guard.

Design by

Source by

6. Abstract gradients

Call them gradients, call them colour transitions – they’ve been popular for a while now and will remain so. In 2023 we’ll see gradients expressed in abstract shapes and diffused in blurs. A combo-trend with ‘powerful use of colour’.

Left – Design By Md Emran H. Via Behance  Right – Design By AZ™

Left – Design By Gorkemisme  Right – Via Bu

7. Retro nostalgia

It’s a strategy that allows brands to express themselves in an engaging, vibrant way, while pulling on the heartstrings and memories of their customers.

In 2023, the walking-talking illustrated mascots of the 50s and 60s will make a comeback. Characters are great for giving brands a more human and fun feel. Alongside this, the 90s and Y2K aesthetic will also make a resurgence – kitsch and quirky design favouring bubblegum tones, chunky fonts and brash bling.

Left – Photo by Francisco Quinche  Right – Design by Birdmetry Studio

8. New eco

While eco-branding continues to grow as a movement, it’s moving in a more minimal, futuristic direction. Think simplified, monochromatic color palettes overtaking earth tones, soft treatments, and the use of green. New eco branding is likely to be minimal, aspirational and future focused.

Design by Tadas Karpavicius

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